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PC Forge Shuriken case (Antec ISK110) with VIA QuadCore logo

Small, reliable, efficient
The Shuriken is designed to sit on the back of your monitor, so it's hidden from view until you need it. This is the perfect Business PC, Home Office workhorse or even TV-attached Presentation machine.

The PC Forge Shuriken is powered by the VIA QuadCore CPU, which is quiet, cool, efficient and reliable. So reliable, in fact, that the VIA parts have a seven year warranty! Along with minimum 4GB of RAM and a super-quick SSD, your work will be done with ease by the Shuriken.

Affordable power
The jack-of-all-trades, the PC Forge Scimitar can do anything you throw at it, and starts at $500! From watching videos and browsing the web to sorting out your finances or playing the occasional video game, the Scimitar is the tool you can rely on.

The PC Forge Scimitar is driven by AMD's A-series APUs, starting from the A4 for those on a tight budget all the way up to the A10 for those with a need for speed. Powered by capacious HDDs, and with a minimum of 4GB of RAM, the Scimitar can tackle any task you throw at it.

PC Forge Scimitar (Aywun S02 case) with AMD A-Series logo
PC Forge Scythe (Corsair Carbide 380T case with Red LEDs), with Intel i5 logo

Slice through tasks
So you need a little more grunt. Whether it be for photo editing, powering your favourite video games, or editing and creating videos of your own, the Scythe can face any challenge and come out on top.

The PC Forge Scythe is driven by Intel's Core-series CPUs, with more threads allowing you to do more things at once. The Scythe never leaves our forge with less than 8GB of high-quality RAM either, and with a super-quick Seagate SSHD inside, you'll never be left wondering about its speed.

The best of the best
The most powerful PC we have. Brilliant for video games, heavy duty video editing, CAD and other power-hungry applications, the Naginata will not let you down.

Powered by Intel's incredible i7 and Xeon CPUs, with high-end NVidia GeForce GPUs providing the video grunt, minimum 16GB of RAM and the best SSDs and HDDs we can get, the Naginata will be the best PC you've ever owned.

PC Forge Naginata (Aerocool X-Predator X3 Evil Black Edition case), with Intel Xeon logo
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