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PC Forge - On-Site Service, Support and Repairs

PC Forge prides itself on providing high-quality support and service to new and existing clients alike. Here are some details on what to expect!

Concession and Pensioner discounts are available for all of the below upon demonstration of suitable proof.

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No surprises consultation
All consultations, whether on your premises or at the PC Forge offices, can take up to 60 minutes. In this time we will discuss whatever problem or questions you have, and provide options for solutions.

The initial consultation session costs $30.

General Pricing for Services: $30/hour, $120 service fee cap
PC Forge understands that not everything is a quick fix. Our general service fee is $30/hour, but our charges stop at $120 per service call, even if it takes longer than four hours, or we have to take the PC back to our office to fix.

This pricing is the same whether we visit you, or you visit us.

Common Resolutions and Costs

  • General PC Cleanup and Backup scheduling: $30
  • PC part upgrade labour: $30 (not including cost of parts required)
  • Computer/Laptop setup (including software installations): $30/hour, minimum 1 hour.
  • Virus/Malware Removal: $60
  • PC rebuild (Reinstall Windows): $60
  • Data Recovery (depending on amount of data to be recovered): $60-$120

Spares for Loan: Free for first fortnight!
If our PC Forge representative is unable to fix your issue on the spot, we will offer you a spare laptop or PC to use while we sort out your PC's problem. That way you don't lose any work time, be it homework, paperwork or sales work.

Archive Old Hardware: $80/conversion
PC Forge understands that it can sometimes be hard to retire older laptops and computers. That's why we offer to turn them into Virtual Machines!
Turning your old PC or laptop into a Virtual Machine means that you can retire the physical computer, but still access your older computer's data and operating system at any time from within your current or new PC!
Converting older machines into Virtual Machines does take time, but the convenience you gain is immeasurable. We also include a short tutorial session on how to access your Virtual Machines on your more modern machine.

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